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Welcome to the Middle East,

welcome to Jordex.

With Jordex Global we give you the quality service you expect from Rotterdam—but in the United Arab Emirates. We are not only active in the region, but also physically represented there with two offices.

The Middle East is a logistics hub for world trade. In addition to its profitable geographical location, the region offers a number of promising development and investment opportunities. The historic Silk Road is in the process of being rebuilt, bringing countless business opportunities along with it. But your entrepreneurial expertise from the Netherlands is not enough to run a business in the world's leading center of trade.

Analyzing the market and monitoring economic and political developments are absolutely crucial. Our success is determined by building a reliable network of specialists. Our associates here include many knowledgeable agents and attentive suppliers.

Our specialists in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are happy to assist you with these essential tools. Every day we invest in yet more knowledge and expertise in the logistics profession. And this is something we love to share with our customers.

Allow us to help you with transport and logistics issues to and from the Middle East. We are knowledgeable in every subfield, and offer expertise ranging from projects and chartering in the construction sector, greenhouse construction and pipelines for the oil and gas industry, to foodstuffs, the animal feed industry, waste management, car parts, machines, chemicals, and more. We are always on call to assist you with your transportation needs.


Jordex Global Abu Dhabi, UAE
Twofour54, Building No. 6
Level 3, Office No. 106 Salam street

Jordex Global Dubai, UAE
Jumeirah Bay Tower-X3, Cluster x
Level 36, Office No. 3605

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Sales Representative

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Inside Sales Representative

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Business Development Manager

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Account Manager

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Financial Administration Assistant

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Operational Manager

Dennis Noordijk

General Manager