Jordex Project & Chartering


The field of project logistics is certainly a challenging one. Each project is unique due to its specific combination of requirements, which are determined by the type of goods, the dimensions of the products, the transport route and the most suitable transport solution. This demands precision.

Identifying and guiding a project in all its complexity represents an art in itself. We are well aware of that at Jordex Projects & Chartering (JPC for short). We specialize in this kind of activity and use our vast expertise to meet your every wish.

Furthermore, we take pride in being able to apply this knowledge and experience worldwide. In Western Europe we can take on the role of port and shipping agent, while also offering reliable storage and trans-shipment services. If desired, we also offer 24/7 inspection and supervision services. Choose for Jordex and in return you will receive our expertise and high-quality service—directly from Rotterdam.

Team Projects & Chartering

Tim Bok

Projects and Chartering Representative

Gerben Langstraat

Co-owner Jordex Projects and Chartering

Yannick Konijnenburg

Projects and Chartering Manager

Max Herkhof

Terminal Operator

Rory Lems

Co-owner Jordex Projects and Chartering

Jelle Vos

Projects and Chartering Manager


Kleidijk 90
3161 EK Rhoon
The Netherlands

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