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The face behind the financial department of Jordex Global

With our eight-men team, we are at your service in the United Arab Emirates. Perlita works in the finance department, but how does she experience this role within the organisation? Time for an interview with Financial Administration Assistant Perlita Bihag.

You work in the finance department, can you tell us more about your role within Jordex Global?
Absolutely, I work in the finance department in Abu Dhabi the regional head office of Jordex Global. My job role has a wide variety of daily tasks this means I manage the complete finance from A to Z. Daily tasks like manage payables, receivables, aging reports and cashflow prognoses etc. Working closely with all the employees in the company gives me a lot of satisfaction especially when everything is running smoothly because of the team effort we give.

How do you serve the customer within your role on a daily basis?
Customer satisfaction is one of our key components we will go one step beyond customer satisfaction then most of our competitors. This includes also in the finance department. Of course there is a thin line between customer satisfaction and the agreements we make with our customer. A good balance between them is key.

How would you describe the company and culture of Jordex Global?
We work with colleagues from different backgrounds and cultures in Jordex. Jordex Global is a place that accommodates and appreciates all diversities and knows how to make the different backgrounds stronger as a team. Working with the company has helped me to develop skills and to build business relationships with people from all over the world. The best way to define the culture withing Jordex is work hard and play hard.

What makes your job enjoyable?
I feel a great accomplishment when I am up to against a deadline and I have only one shot to get it right and turns out to be better than what we have expected. Also having a manager that appreciates the work I do and always thank me for all the hard work at the end of the day.

I have been informed that you are looking for a direct colleague within your team. Can you tell us more about the job opening?
Yes, correct we are constantly expanding as Jordex, more jobs more clients means more work. We are looking for an admin/finance assistant to join us in our team. We would like to source a candidate a mid-level position, who will serve as my counterpart in the finance/admin department. He or she will be contributing to all our enhanced skills and needs to be a great help towards hitting our company goals. With this we can focus more on the organization's commercial aspects and other predefined tasks.

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