Coronavirus hits logistics sector
6 February 2020

Whereby the Spring Festival holiday in China was previously extended to 2nd February, it has now been extended until 9th February. Work will restart on Monday 10th February. This measure has been taken by the Chinese Government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Transport by ship

Currently work will still continue on the terminals at the mainports. The containers that arrived before Chinese New Year will be shipped and incoming containers will be unloaded. However, transport to and from the terminals causes problems and delays. Partly because of this, the number of reefer plugs at various terminals are becoming full, which means that reefers may be shipped to other ports. Any additional costs will be charged to the shipper.

Transport by air

After the outbreak of the coronavirus a number of flights into and out of Wuhan had already been cancelled, but now almost all flights have been cancelled. It isn’t yet clear when the air cargo industry will resume the flights to and from China. Airlines are currently speaking about 10th February, but there is a chance that this will be even later.

Transport by rail

Rail freight transport from the Chinese province Hubei, where the city of Wuhan is located, has been shut down. Trains can’t leave the province until the end of February. Despite this, there is still movement in train traffic in other provinces, it has consequences for the entire train traffic in China, because all major north-south and west-east connections in China connects with Wuhan. It’s expected that mid-February the first trains will depart from Xiamen, Xian and Chengdu.

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