Argentina opens new hub
12 November 2018

Last month Argentina opened a logistics hub in Antwerp in order to stimulate exports to Europe. It is expected that Antwerp will become the new gateway for Argentinean products in the European market.

The logistics hub aims is to help Argentinean exporters compete in international markets. This resulted from a thorough analysis previously carried out by the Argentinean Investment and International Trade Agency (AAICI), which identified the main obstacles that Argentinean companies face.

Antwerp is the second largest port in Europe, following Rotterdam. Located at a short distance from the region’s main trade and consumption centers, it is an important distribution center for the rest of Europe. Earlier on, the South American country opened similar hubs in Shanghai and Dubai with the aim of promoting trade with the Middle East and the Far East.

This initiative corresponds to the Argentinean government’s objective to triple exports by 2030. According to the National Institute of Statistics (INDEC), Argentina exported for a total of $ 58,428 million in 2017.