Dangerous Goods to Brazil
25 September 2017

Do you ship International Maritime Dangerous Goods to Brazil? Strict requirements have been implemented in Brazilian ports since last year.

The requirements on the transport of dangerous goods are based on recommendations of the United Nations. The following documents must be submitted in Portuguese well in advance:

  • MDGF (Multimodal Dangerous Good Form) – Anexo VII
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) – Anexo VIII / Ficha de Emergência

In Brazil, the transport of dangerous goods is administered by the Agencia Nacional de Transportes Terrestres (ANTT). In July of this year, several additional requirements were added to last year’s resolution, concerning classifications and the safe packaging of certain dangerous goods. You can find the complete information on these changes on the ANTT website (in Portuguese).

For questions concerning the above or in order to request our rates, please contact Celeste Flores.