EManifest filing replaces ACI filing
25 January 2021

Due to stringent security requirements, Canadian Customs requires documentation of what goods are loaded on board 24 hours before the ship departs from the port of loading. This filing previously existed under the name ACI, but since January 1, 2021, it is called eManifest filing.

The shipping company is authorized to electronically notify and submit the filing to the Canada Border Security Agency (CBSA). We request that you provide us with all loading information for your shipment no later than 48 hours prior to the ship’s departure, so that we can file in a timely manner and your shipment will not be delayed as a result. For shipments via air, please provide us with your data no later than 8 hours before ETA at the destination airport in Canada.

As a shipper, you are responsible for submitting the correct BL instructions on time. If this is not done in a timely and correct manner, the CBSA will not authorize the shipment resulting in delays and possible costs to your account.

Required Documents

– Canadian Customs Invoice or fully completed CI1 form: a Canadian Customs Invoice (CI1 form) is required for customs clearance of goods with a value of more than 2500 CAD. However, this document may be replaced by the commercial invoice if it contains all relevant information. The invoice must be prepared in duplicate and must be in English or French. Simplified procedures apply to imports of goods with a value less than CAD 2500.

– Certificates of Origin: Certificates of origin are not required unless specifically requested by the importer.

– Transportation Documents: Bill of Lading or Airwaybill

– Packing List: A packing list must accurately list the individual packages with brand, numbers, gross and net weights and contents.

– Other documents: additional requirements may apply per commodity, such as for excise goods.

Please note that the required documents may be subject to change. We advise you to discuss with your Jordex contact person in advance or at the time of booking your shipment, in order to verify the current requirements.