Increasing popularity of frozen fruit and vegetables
14 June 2018

The popularity of frozen fruit and vegetables is increasing in Europe. Did you know that the European Union imports almost half of the total world trade of these goods? We are happy to tell you more about this!

The total European import of frozen fruit and vegetables has grown by an average of 2% annually since 2012. Germany is the largest European importer of frozen fruit, while France takes the place as the largest importer of frozen vegetables. It is expected that imports will continue to increase, especially in the area of frozen fruit. In Latin American countries, the import from Europe will especially increase from Mexico and Guatemala.

The increasing popularity of these goods is due to various factors. Freezing fruit and vegetables prolongs the shelf life of these products and also largely preserves the taste and nutritional value. This is in line with the growing need from consumers to prepare and consume healthy food.

Frozen fruit and vegetables are also often imported to be further processed in various products, such as juices and ready-to-go meals. The logistical aspect of importing is also promoted through innovations and developments in cold chain logistics.The expected increase in the import of frozen fruit is largely due to the increasing demand for different berry varieties. Frozen berries are increasingly used by the fruit processing industry as an ingredient and is very popular among households for the preparation of smoothies and similar products.

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