Middle East Public Holidays 2017
2 August 2017

In the coming months September, October, November and December there are various national days in the Middle East. We have made an overview of the national free days at wich local offices are closed.

National Holiday When Where
Arafat day + Eid al Adha (offerfeest) Monday 31 August – Thursday 3 September 2017 Islamic countries
Hijara – Islamic New Year Thursday 21 September – Friday 22 September 2017 Islamic countries
Tassoua Saturday 30 September 2017 Iran
Ashura Sunday 1 October 2017 Iran
Arbeen Friday 10 November 2017 Iran
Martyrdom of Imam Reza Saturday 18 November 2017 Iran
The Sultan’s Birthday Friday 18 November – Saturday 19 November 2017 Oman
Independence day Tueasday 22 November 2017 Libanon
Martyrs’ Day Wednesday 30 November 2017 United Arab Emirates
Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday Friday 1 December 2017 Islamic countries
UAE National Day Saturday 2 December 2017 United Arab Emirates
Bahrain National Day Saturday 16 December 2017 Bahrain
Qatari National Day Monday 18 December 2017 Qatar

Religious holidays are subject to change depending upon the official sighting of the moon. If you have any questions, please contact Middle East specialist Kim Mulder-Romeijn.