New Dutch Forwarding Conditions as per 1st May 2018
25 April 2018

On all activities where Jordex Shipping & Forwarding B.V. is acting as forwarding agent to you, the General Dutch Forwarding Conditions including the arbitration clause apply. This includes but is not limited to transport by sea, land and air, storage, insurance, customs clearance, distribution and invoicing. These new conditions will be deposited on 1 May 2018. The current version of the conditions of 1 July 2004 will be revoked per 1 May 2018. This may also affect the agreement you have made with us.

Amendments made  in the new general forwarding conditions
The current Dutch Forwarding Conditions dating from 2004 clearly reflect the rights and obligations of forwarding agent and client. However, developments in the judiciary, arbitral awards and legislation have led to a revision. The renewed Dutch forwarding conditions have been modernised and clarified. Main biggest changes have been made in the following articles:

1. Article 5: Customs
2. Article 7: Insurance
3. Article 18: Termination of the contract
4. Article 23: Arbitration

In addition, the liability limit of 4,000 SDR has been changed to the general maximum of 10,000 SDR. This applies to every shipment for depreciation, physical damage or loss of the cargo. Finally, an obligation has been added that the forwarder, if possible, consults the client about the completion of the instruction or certain actions.

Transition to the renewed Forwarding Terms and Conditions
From the 1st of May 2018, Jordex Shipping & Forwarding B.V. will be carrying out out all activities under the renewed General Forwarding Conditions. We will include a link to the new Forwarding Conditions in our e-mail correspondence and on the website.

Without your counter message, we assume that you agree with the applicability of the new terms and conditions.

For more information or questions about the renewed Dutch Forwarding Conditions please do not hesitate to contact us.