Top-50 America's container ports
2 October 2019

American ports handled millions of TEUs in 2018. While some ports excel in speed and efficiency, others are well known for its capacity. Here is the top-5!

1. Los Angelos
With more than 5 million TEU the port of Los Angelos is definitely the number one of America. In the recent years it broke its own cargo record. That is one of the reasons why Los Angelos has got the honor of being number eighteen worldwide.

2. Long Beach
The number two of America is also located in California. Last year Long Beach processed more than 4.3 million TEU. It is an important trading port. Nearly 90 percent of the ports traffic is coming from Asia.

3. New York and New Jersey
The two ports who have been cooperating since 1948 are the number three in this list for the second year in a row. They are the largest port on the east coast. Last year it they grew by 0.4 million TEU to a total of 4.1 million.

4. Savannah
The gap between the number three and four is much more than between the top three. The port of Savannah grew from 2.0 million TEU to 2.2 million. Therefor it is the largest port in North America.

5. Houston
The port of Houston is the big, bigger, biggest port in Texas. In 2018 the port grew from 1.7 million TEU to 1.8 million. More than 50 percent of the cargo has been  processed to the Gulf Coast

The container ports not only act as entries and exits to the US, but also as gateway to the rest of the world. Curious about the complete top-50 of American ports? Then have a look at https://www.globaltrademag.com/features/stories/americas-top-50-container-ports/