Project cargo

Organising, shipping and handling project cargo requires comprehensive logistical expertise combined with a professional and flexible organization with a keen eye for providing customised quality services.

Especially because project cargo often involves large quantities of unique goods, which are without exception only of great value when they are together and at the right time. It is crucial that project cargo is based on an intensive assessment of goals and requirements of our client, a thorough and detailed action plan and a professional list of all logistical instruments available.

Jordex has extensive experience in performing a key role in handling of extraordinary project cargos. A recent example is when Jordex took care of the sustainable supply of equipment for the company that built the Palm Islands in Dubai.

Throughout the process, Jordex has been responsible for the transportation of equipment and parts, to and from, the construction site in the Middle East. The crucial point, was to edit the planning and approach on a daily basis, to fit the requirements of the client, to make sure that the goods were on time, at the right time, even if the location is in the middle of the dessert!

Please contact our project cargo specialist for more information.

Jan van Dijk
Project Manager
+31 (0)10 3037322