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35th Anniversary Jordex

Get up early after a short night next to your snoring colleague. A heavy head because you just had one stag too many yesterday. Thirsty and serious need for fresh orange juice and a fried egg with bacon. Put on your ski gear and then steal the show in your orange hoodie.

Just before you get to the top, the sun comes out behind the mountains. You are on top of the world. Super view. The ultimate feeling of freedom. You slide down on widely groomed slopes. On to the first stop for a hot chocolate with whipped cream and apple strudel. You go further; make meters.

After a delicious lunch on top of the mountain, the party starts. The rosé flows freely. Every now and then a deer flies by. There is a DJ. A drummer. Dancing people. And you realize that this is the pinnacle of happiness. You are spending a long weekend on winter sports with the best colleagues to celebrate Jordex's 35th anniversary! Click below to see the after movie.