Expo 2020 Dubai
24 February 2017

The Expo 2020 Dubai will not be restricted to a physical location or period but is the basis where people can connect and brainstorm on future developments.

De world exhibition Expo 2020 is the driving power behind new technologies. The exhibition offers a platform for creativity, innovation and partnership worldwide.

Last week 47 planned construction contracts for the Expo 2020 Dubai have been delivered. 2017 promises to be a fruitful year for entrepreneurs and advisors. In august 2016 it has been announced that 20 percent of the total expenses of this event will be addressesd to small and middle sized companies . Until now 43 percent of all contracts is designed to companies in this segment.

The preparation for the new infrastructure and the construction for new hotels, planned to be opened before the Expo 2020 will stimulate the local import and the possibilities for new projects.

We would like to know if and how you will be involved in the preparations of the Expo 2020 and what these opportunities will bring. If you have any question how we can assist in the logistic preparations for your company, please contact us.